Tadum is our online meeting agenda and minutes app that helps teams get organized and stay accountable.

Automatically Create Agendas

Tadum makes meeting preparation a snap. Meeting agendas are automatically drafted with all open items from the previous meeting carried forward. Read-only meeting minutes are automatically created at the end of each meeting, and accessible from one central online location. No more copy-pasting previous meeting agendas!


Tadum is a cloud-based agenda accessible to all meeting attendees. During the meeting, see who has the agenda open and watch one-another make changes in real-time. Open, Close, and Table each item as you work your way through the agenda. This makes it easy to communicate during and between meetings.

Built-in Accountability

Tadum agendas help your team stay accountable by rolling forward any open todos and discussions. When you’re done a meeting Tadum will automatically draft the next meeting agenda with these items so they don’t get lost. This means fewer “oh, I forgot I said I’d do that” moments and things actually get done between meetings!

Track Metrics, KPIs, OKRs

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! Our easy-to-update agendas include the option of a rolling metrics section. It gives you a snapshot of the past three weeks at a time so you can keep on top of your important metrics, key performance indicators, or objectives and key results. This helps you keep an eye on business trends, areas for improvement, and achievements to celebrate.

Recurring Meetings

Our meeting management tools give you everything you need to prepare your agenda and get organized for your meetings. Every agenda can have any number or combination of our five-section types: Todos, Attachments, Discussions, Updates, and Metrics. You can prepare the agenda topics based on whatever works best for your team.

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