What is Support and Improve?

Support and Improve is a monthly web application maintenance subscription service.

Who is Support and Improve for?

This service is for organizations that want the freedom to request small improvements without going through budget approval for each piece of work: for a small monthly fee we implement small improvements that you request and we will also proactively apply security and upgrade patches.

What are the benefits of Support and Improve?

  • Have a team in place to support your web application as needed
  • Request as many small improvements as needed
  • Extend the lifetime and return on your initial web application investment
  • Ensure the latest security and performance patches are applied proactively

What’s included in Support and Improve?

  • Small improvements and bug fixes each month
  • Pro-active updates and security patches for Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and Gem libraries
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly check-in meetings, depending on need

What’s a small improvement?

A small improvement is any individual piece of work that takes 45 minutes or less. Examples of small improvements are, “add another field to the user registration form”, and, “add a role that can read administration pages, but can’t edit any details”.

What if we don’t request any small improvements?

If no maintenance work is required in a month, your budget is not wasted: we will spend time applying updates and security patches so that your web application stays up to date. We will also deploy upgrades that we’ve developed while working with other clients so that you’re on the latest and greatest versions!

What if our request isn’t a small improvement?

We’ll let you know before we take any action. If there are alternatives that count as small, we’ll let you know what they are. Otherwise, we’ll provide a quote for the work so that you can make a decision.

How many small improvements can we request in a month?

Our intention is for you to feel confident in requesting as many improvements as you need, but we may ask to reschedule or delay non-critical improvements if the workload requested in a single month is very high.

How much does Support and Improve cost?


How is Support and Improve billed?

Subscribe month-to-month with no long term lock-in.

For example, you receive an invoice on January 1 for the February Support and Improve service, and then your next invoice on February 1 for the March Support and Improve service. Cancel at any time.