What is Research and Recommend?

Research and Recommend is a service that finds you the software as a service (SasS) vendor that meets your requirements. It is an alternative to Develop and Launch.

Who should use Research and Recommend?

Existing organizations who need to implement a solution for common processes that already have a wide range of third-party options, like project management or file sharing.

What if I don’t know if what I need is “common”?

No problem! We can tell you (for free) but you need to take the leap and reach out to us first. If you phrase your needs as “I need software that solves (my problem)” then it will be a quick and easy conversation.

How does Research and Recommend work?

We interview you to determine the must-have and nice-to-have features to make the software a worthwhile investment. Then we’ll use our expertise to investigate the best options available. We’ll deliver a report comparing how each software choice measures up in regards to your desired features, and a summary for how we recommend you move forward with your decision.

Why should I use Research and Recommend?

We know how to break down requirements and how to navigate software to find out if it will meet them. By delegating the work to us and relying on our expertise to make educated recommendations, you reduce your risk of either not finding a product or selecting one that isn’t right.

What deliverables do I get at the end of Research and Recommend?

A report comparing each of the available options, with a recommendation on how to move forward. We will also have a meeting to walk you through the results.

What if you can’t find a solution?

If there isn’t an existing software solution our report will include alternatives, such as:

  • Internal process changes
  • Combination of vendor products
  • Custom development

Using this information, you will be able to make an educated decision about how to move forward.

How much does Research and Recommend cost?


How long does Research and Recommend take to complete?

2 weeks from kickoff.