Member Portals

Help your members help themselves

  • Create a self-serve portal for your members to access association services.
  • Wizards guide users step-by-step through applications, dues renewal, and more.
  • Access important information like order history and member downloads.

Problem: The office has to manually deal with administration, causing overload and delays.

Solution: Members have a portal to do it themselves, right away!

Self-service member portals

We help members take control of their information by putting it directly into their hands! Members can get answers to common questions like, “what’s the status of my application?”, “how long do I have left to reinstate my membership?”, and “where can I download our member survey?”, and more.

Wizards to guide your members

Our member portals give members an easy-to-use interface for common membership tasks. Examples include: apply for membership or reclassifications online, purchase dues and fees, and review applicants as a registration committee member.

Pay and view order history

We also integrate online orders when you want to offer different prices for different types of members (or non-members). Common cases for this are event registration, job boards, and online training.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

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