Member Databases

Information at your fingertips

  • Cloud-based database that allows you to browse, search, and export.
  • Track everything in one place (members, applicants, payments).
  • Record a history of all changes, emails, and important events.

Problem: You can’t find the information you need for administration, reporting, and decision making.

Solution: We will build you a member database so your membership information is at your fingertips.

Everything in one place

We help organizations create and manage online member databases that make it easy to look up information and simplify administrative tasks.

These databases dynamically record important events (like every email sent by the database, or the member starting dues payment) in a member’s history so that it can be pulled up later.

Bring your data

We will import all of your existing data! It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from an Access database, a collection of Excel documents, or if it’s sitting in some other place.

We’re detail orientated with your data, so at the time of import we’ll also clean it up, doing things like getting addresses and phone numbers formatted correctly.

Reports for days

Need reports? No problem. We have a list of common reports or can create exactly what you need. Example reports would pull up memberships that are not in good standing, track member growth across years and category, export email addresses for your mailing list provider, and reconcile your online orders.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

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