What do you mean by “custom ecommerce”?

We mean an ecommerce website where the ordering process can be modified and customized at every step. Contrast this to vendor platforms where many steps are locked in e.g. you can only collect certain fields at checkout and always follow the same checkout steps.

When do you recommend custom ecommerce?

We recommend custom ecommerce software development when a vendor platform (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace) can’t meet your business needs. This happens, for example, if you have a complex checkout process, or you need your online store to share user accounts or data with another business tool. We work with you to map out your ecommerce processes to ensure your customers enjoy a user-friendly experience and give you a flexible and easy-to-use backend to keep your products up-to-date.

  • Need a dashboard with advanced metrics? Done!
  • Need to require your membership to complete their professional development tracking before they can renew? No problem!
  • Need to manually approve and customize every order before the credit card is processed? Easy peasy!

What type of customers do you work with?

We build ecommerce software solutions for both online-only businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses that want to expand their offerings online. Instead of focusing on a specific niche or industry, we want to help our customers solve problems, regardless of their business.

What are some examples of ecommerce apps you have developed?

A professional association with thousands of members. They needed an ecommerce solution that lets their membership pay membership dues, pay for member applications, and have different checkout processes depending on the status of the member.

An IT company with a custom web app that their customers can use to request support. Customers pre-purchase “blocks” of support time and that time is subtracted from those blocks when IT support logs time against a support request. Automated emails remind customers to top up to keep the billing process smooth, and advanced employee metrics allow management to easily pull up key performance indicators.

What is your ecommerce app development process?

We have a set process: start with Discover and Plan to understand your needs and scope the work, implement with Develop and Launch, and then provide long-term sustainability with Support and Improve.

What technologies do you build your ecommerce apps in?

We develop our custom ecommerce using Ruby on Rails. We maintain a number of open-source libraries that help us move quickly and safely–including effective_orders, our shopping cart gem for Ruby on Rails, which has processed tens of millions of dollars worth of transactions to date.

How much does ecommerce app development cost?

That depends. We normally see ecommerce app development included as a major feature on one of our web app development projects, which has a recommended minimum budget of $50,000. Read more about web app development here).

How long does it take to develop an ecommerce app?

How long it takes to build an ecommerce app depends on many factors. Discover and Plan usually runs for 6 to 8 weeks. Develop and Launch is a minimum of 12 weeks, and will depend on the size of the project. You can expect most app development projects to run for a minimum of 18 weeks.

What payment gateways do you integrate with?

We currently have integrations written for Stripe (recommended), Moneris, and PayPal. But if you require an integration with another gateway, we can do that!

What accounting software do you integrate with?

We currently have integrations written for QuickBooks, Xero, or ACCPAC. But if you require integration with another piece of accounting software, no problem.

Will my ecommerce app work on mobile?

Yes. All of our ecommerce software is optimized for both mobile and desktop purchasing so your customers get the best user experience possible.

Can I import my existing products into my new ecommerce app?

Yes. We have advanced importing tools that can import all of your existing products, no matter where they are stored.

Should I be worried about storing credit card information?

No. None of our custom ecommerce apps store credit card information, and all transactions occur on the payment gateways’ secure payment page.

Can I accept payment by cheque or fax?

Yes. You can allow customers to choose other offline payment methods when checking out, and then return to mark the order as paid when payment is completed offline.

Can I offer coupon codes or discounts to my customers?

Yes. You can offer coupons based on fixed dollar amounts, or percentage amounts, with maximum uses or expiry dates.

Can you develop a marketplace-based ecommerce app?

Yes. A marketplace is where users are able to post products for sale and other users are able to purchase them, like on eBay or Etsy.

Can you support multiple currencies?

Yes. You can configure your payment gateway to automatically handle the currencies that you want to allow.

Can I offer monthly or annual subscriptions to my customers?

Yes. We can help you create automatically renewing subscriptions (e.g. memberships, Software-as-a-Service user accounts, monthly box service, etc.) that your customers can purchase. This will include all of the required features like upgrades, downgrades, and pro-rating!

How do I get started?

First, check out our page on custom web app development). Then let’s have a conversation about your ecommerce needs to make sure we’re a good fit for one another.