Dues, Renewals, and Fees

Calculate complex annual payments

  • Pay the correct renewal amount, even for your most complex calculations.
  • Automatic late fees, membership removal, and reinstatement.
  • Send email reminders for dues available and late fees.

Problem: Getting members to pay the right amount at the right time.

Solution: Dues are automatically calculated with all conditions so you don’t have to figure it out manually.

Smooth notification and collection

We’ve helped our clients process nearly $20 million dollars worth of member dues. This isn’t limited to nice, simple renewals either. It includes many complex dues calculations that nobody should have to do by hand. Ever had a member who is late on their dues get a back-dated reclassification to a new membership category that is on a different proration schedule but also needs to be refunded their old membership category dues at the same time? We have!

Add extra steps during renewals

Dues payment may be the only time you reach some members. This is a great opportunity to ask those members to update their demographics, read important announcements, and opt-in to any new programs like mentorship or specialized certification. We will work with you to identify what steps members should go through on an annual basis.

Financials for your accounting package

After payment is, of course, the reconciliation in your accounting software. We provide all the reports and data you need to make the end of month reconciliation a snap.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

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