Research and Recommend

You think your needs could be met by an existing software as a service (SaaS) vendor, but don’t know which one. We work with you to identify core requirements, research the vendors that could meet those requirements, make a recommendation, and then help you get set up. $2,250+. Learn more.

Discover and Plan

You know that software can solve your unique problem, but don’t know where to start. We work with you to break down your requirements and enable you to make budget and feature decisions. Our deliverables are an interactive desktop and mobile prototype, our unique collaborative cost spreadsheet, and a proposal for Develop and Launch. $15,000+. Learn more.

Develop and Launch

You know what needs to be built and how it should work, but don’t have a development team. We work with you to identify the minimum amount of work required to successfully launch your idea, then get to work. Our deliverables include a fully functional web application. Develop and Launch is preceded by Discover and Plan. $35,000+. Learn more.

Support and Improve

You already have a business-critical application and need to ensure that it is maintained and monitored to prevent potential disasters. We work to ensure your risk is managed by applying regular security patches, managing redundancy, immediately responding to serious issues, and doing regular updates at your request. $750+/mo. Learn more.

Coach and Grow

You need to work through business challenges using formal structure and process. We work with you to break down, prioritize, and solve whatever your biggest challenge is. Then repeat. $500+/mo. Learn more.