Committees and Groups

Get your committees organized

  • Create and track your committees and groups
  • Securely share files with active members
  • Integrated with Upside AMS

Problem: Your committees and working groups need a place to share files between themselves, other users, and staff.

Solution: Offer committee-only pages and file uploads within your AMS.

How are committees implemented?

We approached committees from an administrator’s perspective:

The first thing that is needed is simply tracking who is on what committees and for how long. Also of importance is pulling up historical volunteering for people on these committees.

The second thing that is needed is the ability for these committees to securely access file downloads from within the member portal, instead of relying on a third party service like Dropbox or SharePoint. This means there are fewer technical problems and accounts to juggle.

The final thing that is needed is the ability for staff to do both of these things quickly, easily, and from within the existing AMS. Rolling out a new committee should take a few minutes, and it does!

How do committees work?

Staff can create any number of committees, track current and historic members, and manage the files and content that committee members can see.

Committee members simply sign in to the member portal as usual and have access.

What are some unique use cases for committee portals?

Here are some of the use cases we’ve run into:

Discipline: Collect the formal complaint, evidence, and follow-up reports in one place for the committee to review.

Registration: If your organization is small, you can choose to upload application forms to a committee instead of implementing an advanced registration workflow.

Applicant Appeals: If your bylaws allow for it, applicants that appeal a decision can go through an appeal committee.

CPD Audits: If you have a mandate to audit CPD, and you don’t need the full power of continuing professional development software, then a committee portal is perfect.

Dana Janssen

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