Applications to Join

Streamline your member applications and reclassifications

  • Guide applicants through a wizard that collects all the required information.
  • Process applicants using your exact committee, registrar, and administrative process.
  • Purchase and distribute membership cards, stamps, and rings.

Problem: Applications have many moving parts and can be difficult to manage in a timely manner.

Solution: Workflows that streamline each step of the process, validate requirements are met, and make it easy for the registrar to process.

We know applications

We’ve helped our clients collect, review, and process over 20,000 membership applications. And these aren’t simple “fill in a form and you’re in” applicants: we’re talking detailed submissions that include university transcripts, proof of published work, references, and many other little details. But we also do this simple application forms ;)

Coordinate your committees

We build the tools that let registrars and registration committee members review the applicant submissions (entirely online, no printouts or Dropbox folders!), make their recommendation, and ultimately process the applicant. We handle all the common “gotchas” in this process like requests for missing/unclear applicant information, calculating valid course credits, and approval for an alternative membership category.

Direct applicants to the next step

Once an applicant is accepted the system automatically takes care of the steps like: prorated dues payment, complete mandatory training like an online ethics exam, purchase a stamp or ring, or download a membership card or certificate PDF. This dramatically cuts down on the administrative workload to onboard new members.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

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