Association management software that works exactly how you need.

We custom develop cloud-based software that matches your rules, bylaws, and regulatory requirements. Simplify your processes, empower your members, and run your organization with ease.

We really know associations!

Code and Effect works closely with Executive Directors, Presidents, and Registrars to bring amazing modern services to their membership.

Our experience gives us a deep knowledge about the terminology, processes, and requirements of an association like yours.

Solutions we provide

Member Databases

Custom member relationship management databases to track: demographics, activity, history, applications, discipline, continuing education, and more.

Member Portals

Empower members to sign in and manage their information, submit payments, request changes to their status, and download secure files.

Applications to Join

Streamline complex applicant workflows, including: submissions, references, payments, committee reviews, revisions, and approvals.

Dues, Renewals, and Fees

Calculate and charge the correct dues or fees, including situations with complex statuses and changes. Have full financial reporting.

Professional Development

Web-based tools to track, submit, roll forward, and audit all required annual continuing education.

Association Websites

Communicate with members and the public with a professional, easy-to-update website.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

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How we work

Step 1:

Discover and Plan

We work with you to document your frustrations, clarify your goals, and understand your unique requirements. Your expertise about your association combined with our expertise in association software development means we will make a plan to build exactly what your organization needs.

Step 2:

Develop and Launch

Based on the plan we make together, we get to work. Our regular update meetings keep you informed of our progress and the project moving smoothly. Clear feedback loops mean there is no guesswork and no surprises. Then we launch!

Step 3:

Support and Improve

Your software is business-critical. As you use it within your organization and with your members, new ideas for improvements, new use cases, and new processes will come up. We work together long after the first launch to continually improve your software and keep it well-maintained.

100,000+ active members

20,000+ applications to join

140,000+ payments processed

18 million+ in collected dues