Code and Effect is a software consultancy that works with regulated, professional, and member-based organizations like associations, colleges, and societies.

We have deep expertise in association management software, member portals, and member databases. This expertise, combined with our development and communication process, allow us to ship projects on time and on budget, because it is extremely rare we have to implement something we haven’t seen before. We use our Discover and Plan process to scope features and agree on a budget and schedule.

From the technical side we’ve poured all of this knowledge and experience into Upside AMS, our platform that blends the best parts of SaaS with the best parts of custom. It’s an offering that sits in a unique place on the market.

Post-launch we provide the required support for business critical software via Support and Improve. We worked directly with our partner associations to structure this support agreement in a way that works for the industry: fixed price makes it easy to budget annually and no long term contractual lock-in.


Ashley Janssen

Ashley Janssen

Ashley is Code and Effect’s company evangelist. She specializes in strategic planning, operations consulting, and business development. Her superpower is bringing structure to chaos which she shares through one-on-one consulting for female entrepreneurs, her blog, and public speaking. She is on the University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) board of advisors and a VMS mentor. She was awarded an Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 in 2017.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

Dana is Code and Effect’s lead consultant. Across his 15+ years experience he has developed, managed, and consulted on countless successful software projects. Dana’s superpower is understanding the big picture and piecing together the small details that drive towards the desired result.

Matthew Riemer

Matthew Riemer

Matt is Code and Effect’s lead developer. He specializes in quickly and effectively deploying software solutions that alleviate the pain our customers are feeling. Matt’s superpower is execution and focus: he knows the ins and outs of development like few others, and combines that with his entrepreneurial experience to deliver exceptional results.

Core values

Relationships First

All of our success is traceable to the relationships we've cultivated with our customers and peers. Reputation, trust, reliability: it doesn't matter what label we use to measure a relationship, it always comes first.

Give a Damn

You either do or you don’t, and we surround ourselves with people that do. It means doing what we say we will, going that extra mile, and pushing back hard when we see a risk.

Do the Right Amount

It's easy to over-engineer, build too much, and not consider the future. We instead strive to do just the right amount of thinking and execution. Then we observe the result and adapt.

Habits Drive Results

We think the best way to be successful is to consistently work at a goal, and the best way to be consistent is to develop a habit. All of our processes are based on consistent habits.