Edmonton Web Application Design and Development

We are a software consultancy that plans, implements, and maintains custom software for businesses of all sizes and industries. We achieve this using our predictable process and the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

Our Services

Web App Development

We do an in-depth review of your existing processes, clarify your pain points, and build you a web app that drives results.

Ecommerce Development

When existing ecommerce platforms are not quite good enough, we map out your unique purchasing and checkout processes. Then we build a flexible, easy-to-use system that both you and your customers will love.

Mobile App Development

Android or iOS? Web app or native mobile app? Let us help you figure out the best way to achieve your goals and get started!

Business Coaching

We have run hundreds of software projects and have experienced many of the ups and downs of running a business. We will help you manage a software project, build a technical team, improve your operations, or grow as a leader.

“We’re different from other firms because of our repeatable process, our structured communication, and the values we live and work by.”

Ashley Janssen, Co-founder

Our Core Values

Relationships First

All our success is traceable to the relationships we've started and cultivated. Reputation, trust, reliability: it doesn't matter what label we use to measure them. They always come first.

Give a Damn

You either do or you don’t, and we surround ourselves with people that do. It means doing what we say we will, going that extra mile, or pushing back hard when that extra mile is a mistake.

Do the Right Amount

It's easy to over-engineer or not consider the impact on the future. We always strive to do _just the right_ amount of thinking and execution. Then we reflect on the result and do it again.

Code and Effect Office

Example Projects We Work On

Business Software

Instead of shoehorning your business into a tool that doesn’t quite do what you want, we work with you to build exactly what you need. This often means we help transition away from paper-based systems, messy excel spreadsheets, and legacy software. Or, together we will build your vision from the ground up!

Custom Ecommerce

There are complex purchasing and checkout processes with many steps that other ecommerce platforms are not able to support. That’s where we come in! We map out your ecommerce processes to ensure your customers enjoy a user-friendly experience while giving you a flexible and easy-to-use backend to keep your products up-to-date.

Member Portals

Professional and regulatory associations each have unique bylaws, accreditation, application management, and professional development. We’ve seen them all. The member portals that we build help your membership maintain good standing, simplifies your processes, and provide tools to effectively manage your membership.

Code and Effect Office

Example Organizations We Work With

A small business that needs to replace their spreadsheets with actionable forms, reports, and tools.

A non-profit that needs to provide support and training to thousands of people with limited resources.

A brick and mortar business that needs to expand into e-commerce to continue growing.

A professional association that needs to serve their members more effectively.

An entrepreneur that needs structure and tools for driving their own accountability.

An consultancy that needs software to assist hundreds of their clients to make decisions.