Hey 👋 We're an independent, founder-led software company from Edmonton, Canada. We work on the things and with the people we're passionate about, and that could include you!

What we're building

Upside AMS

Upside AMS is “association management software” that improves the business processes of professional and regulatory associations. Our customers spend less time on administrative busywork and instead focus on their big priorities.


Tadum is the meeting agenda and minutes app that helps teams get organized and stay accountable. Designed for weekly or monthly recurring meetings, it makes it a snap to roll your agenda forward without losing accountability.

Productivity Consulting

Ashley works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to calm chaos, reduce burnout, work with clear priorities, and reach their goals. She is available for one-on-one consulting, public speaking, and private webinars. Ashley also publishes Every Intention, a bi-weekly newsletter about productivity and living with intention.

Open Source Ruby Gems

We publish many open source libraries that extend Ruby on Rails. These gems are part of our “secret sauce” that allow us to quickly roll out functionality and support our awesome customers.

Who we are

Ashley Janssen

Ashley Janssen

Ashley is the company evangelist. She specializes in strategic planning, operations consulting, and business development. Ashley's superpower is bringing structure to chaos which she shares through one-on-one consulting for leaders, her blog, and public speaking.

Dana Janssen

Dana Janssen

Dana is the lead consultant. Across his 20+ years experience he has developed, managed, or delivered countless successful software projects. Dana's superpower is understanding the big picture from the customer's perspective, piecing together the small details that hold everything in place, and driving towards the required results.

Matthew Riemer

Matthew Riemer

Matthew is the technical leader. He specializes in quickly and effectively deploying software solutions that alleviate the pain our customers are feeling. Matt's superpower is execution and focus: he knows the ins and outs of development like few others, and combines that with his entrepreneurial experience to deliver exceptional results.